Biometric Passing System. We make Biometric passing systems more reliable and faster with artificial intelligence and environment analysis.

Highlighted Features

Instant Tracking
Time and Participation

Properties of BioGATE

Management and Reporting

With the Management application, control of the cabins and all users entering and exiting the cabins is ensured. Users will be able to log in with the access permission provided by the administrators and authorized persons. Which cabin a user can enter or which users can enter a turnstile/door in which time period; all these are under supervision and control. In addition, access to information regarding all environment components relating to passing can be provided at the turnstile/door endpoint.

Latest Technology Secure Web Service Infrastructure
Fast and Easy-to-use Modular Structure
Ability to Work with Different Databases
Modular Web Application
Customer Focused, User Friendly, Functional, and Modular Structure
Fast Integration with External Systems and Hardware
End-to-End Secure Solution
Artificial Intelligence Technology
Police and Gendarme
Educational Institutions
Smart Home system
State Institutions
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