Multi-Model Biometric Passing System for Frequent International Travelers

The EU countries have started the necessary work required to provide automatic access control at their border gates. Accordingly, in the project where Proline is the “Turkey Consortium Leader;” It is aimed to create passing points that also include biometrics-based solutions at frequently used airports.

ITEA3 Project with the Participation of Nine Partners and Two Countries

Fingerprint, Finger Vein Print, Face, and Iris Biometrics

Multi-Model Fusion Technology

New Generation e-Passport with e-Visa Support.

Identity Management and Authentication for Frequent International Travelers

Developing the System Operating jointly with Secure Document and Other Systems

Federal Security Shield for Marine Security

The main objective of the FedSS project is to provide data processing capability in order to meet the demands of all participants to effectively fulfill the emerging integration requirements through the approach of sharing information in line with the needs and in a secure environment and to present it to the end user by visualizing it via internet applications on mobile communication tools and using semantic data processing techniques instead of traditional communication interfaces.

ITEA3 Project with the Participation of Nine Partners and Five Countries

Advanced Security Infrastructure Shield

Comprehensive Big Data Analysis and Sharing

Marine Traffic Surveillance System

Command Control Centers

Port Surveillance Systems

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