Secure Document Personalization System. Incorporating Secure Biometrics, Faster and Secure Border Control with e-Visa and Secure Document Production containing Travel History

Highlighted Features

Preventing Fraud by making Personal Information Secure, with Polycarbonate Material
Different Types of Card and Passport Personalization Capability
Fast and Timely Production with New Generation Card and Passport Production Devices
Fingerprint / Biometric Photo Storage Capability in International Standards
Internationally Certified Quality Control Device Support
Protection of All Kinds of Personal Information like Signature, Photograph, Fingerprint, Name, and Surname with Special Encryption Methods

Properties of IssP

Data Collection and Storage

Web service infrastructure for external data collection and storage via Registration, Biometric, and Verification services, with cutting-edge technology.

Web Service

Web service infrastructure for the management and internal communication of the system, with cutting-edge technology.

The Executive Module

Module for monitoring, reporting, and reviewing the entire system.

Stock Module

It is an application module that provides Stock for secure document inventory management.

Quality Control Module

It is an application module that provides Preliminary Quality Control to prevent erroneous applications like photographs and signatures.

Packet Module

It is the application module that provides a Package for data arrangement, prioritization, grouping, filtering, etc.

Graphic Personalization Module

It is an application module that provides Graphic Personalization for printing all kinds of ID cards and passports, by means of using a machine-independent interface.

Chip Personalization Module

It is an application module that provides Chip Personalization for encoding all kinds of ID cards and passports through PKI infrastructure and machine-independent interface integration.

Post Quality Control Module

It is an application module that provides Post Quality Control for the accuracy of documents generated both graphically and with chips by using document scanners.

High-Scale Production with Industrial Machines and Fast Response
Central Production to prevent Duplicate Passport Production
Latest Technology Secure Web Service Infrastructure
Latest Technology Secure Web-Based Application Screens
Fast and Easy-to-Use Modular Structure
Customer Focused, User Friendly, Functional, and Modular Structure
Fast Integration with External Systems and Hardware
End-to-End Secure Solution
Production of Machine-Readable Secure Documents at International Standards
Population Card and Passport Generation Systems
Immigrant Card Generation Systems
Card Generation Systems
Financial / Banking Card Generation Systems
Health Card Generation Systems
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