Automatic Biometric Identification System

Properties of ProABIS

Data Circuit Application

It is an application module that by safeguarding all properties of data (prints of ten fingers and palms and photos, crime scene traces, demographic information, and matching decision relationships) from all legacy systems, kept in the file system and/or stored at the database level, ensures them to be converted in the central system format of the latest technology without loss.

Biometrics Retrieval Application

It is an application module that ensures the pre-check with Fast Authentication (1: N) in the system of an individual and then retrieval of the Fingerprint, Palm Print, Face, Iris, and demographic information from FBI certified readers in compliance with standards.

Expert Investigation Application

It is an application module in which both the ten-finger forms and the traces received from a crime scene are transferred to the system, then automatic coding or manual fingerprint coding (aspect detailing) of the expert personnel is performed and sent to the central system whenever necessary and the inquiry results generated in the center are displayed with advanced-level and detailed lists.


It is an application module that provides a reporting service on the basis of biometrics, users, movements, services, and/or user-friendly dashboards by means using data stored securely on the central database.

Data Transfer Application

It is the application particle that ensures that the data generated as a result of the cycle is transferred to the central database of the latest technology and presented in a usable form in matching engines.

Matching Services

They are background application services that enable cross-examination of Ten Fingers, Palm, and Crime Scene prints and can also conduct simultaneous face and iris biometric inquiries. It has a structure that ensures fast data transmission with its REST service structure and provides uninterrupted service with message queue technologies.

Simultaneous Fingerprint / Palm Print / Face / Iris Diagnosis
Mass Data Transfer from Legacy Systems
360 Degree Fingerprint Matching
Shorter Candidate Lists
Latest Technology Secure Web Service Infrastructure
Latest Technology Image Processing Properties
Customer Focused, User Friendly, Functional, and Modular Structure
Fast Integration with External Systems and Hardware
End-to-End Secure Solution
Centrally Securely Stored International Data Format
Population Biometrics Identification Systems
Forensic Biometrics Identification Systems
Immigrant Biometrics Identification Systems
Border Gates Biometrics Identification Systems
Biometrics Passing Systems
Financial / Banking Biometrics Identification Systems
Health Biometrics Identification Systems
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